NREGAGovt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)Friday, April 26, 2019
State:उत्तरप्रदेश District:JHANSI

Complainent Category
Complaint Date
Complaint Description
Complaint Against
No. of Ecsalation
Escalation Detail
Action Taken
Action Taken Date
Block :
1Citizen04/06/2009Serious corruption matter done by Gram Pradhan of Banka Pahadi/ Threatened workers and forcefully took back wages paid/ Gram Pradhan allegedly earning money and deposited in his accountZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (06/02/2010)Enquiry being made by three member committee. The complaint fond baseless.15/02/2010
2Citizen10/08/2009Funds under NREGA are not being sanctioned to Bamaur Block as per normsZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (09/02/2010)Amount Rs. 4652382/- is transfer to Intermediate panchayat Bamaur on 04/09/2009 as per norms.15/02/2010
3Citizen24/08/2009Failure to provide work to job card holders, embezzlement done by Gram Pradhan, asking money for sanction works under NREGAZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (10/02/2010)Enquiry being made by three member committee. there no evidence of taking money by Pradhan for sanctioning work. Job card holders are getting employement.complain was made politically.15/02/2010
4Citizen24/08/2009Not completing the pond digging work under NREGAZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (10/02/2010)10 step digging of pond is done & statement given by complainer that he is satisfied with digging of pond.15/02/2010
5Citizen19/08/2009Fictitious work of pond digging, discrimination in the issuance of the job cards under NREGAZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (10/02/2010)Enquiry being made by three member committee & Complaint is found false.15/02/2010
6Citizen16/09/2009Corruption, embezzlement, under payment of wages, misuse of funds in Karuadihi, Bela, Vajti, Raipur Gram Panchayats in Block Pratapur of District AllahabadZilla panchayat1Ist To :MoRD (10/02/2010)Complainer gave statement that he has not made complain. Sombody else has complainted with jealousy. complain is found baseless.11/02/2010
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