NREGAGovt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)Sunday, July 21, 2019
State:उत्तरप्रदेश District:KANPUR DEHAT

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Block :
1Citizen14/10/2009Discrimination in the issuance of job cards and payment made in fake pond excavation work under NREGA at Gram Sabha Nahi Juenia, P.O.2Ist To :STATE (16/02/2010)
IInd To : MoRD (19/03/2010)
forwarded to state login for necessary action to be taken at state level on 8/12/201008/12/2010
Panchayat : MADAULI
2Citizen31/08/2017Dear sir, I want to make you aware of the corruption going on my village in MNREGA works. As all details of work done and expenditures in G.P. Mandauli are available in I have seen this on website as well in ground level where works have done. A lot of corruption can be seen. Sir Plz look in to matter from 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 1. In work Id 31360010036/WC/9454338272 Machariya Talab Khudai 240816/- to rs have been spent in FY 16-17 and in this talab all soil (at least 100 trolley) have been sold to some other affluent persons 400/- rs per trolley, this can be cross verify from villagers. 2. Works 3136010036/DP/924244953273 And 3136010036/DP/924244984137 Paudh ropan in madauli gata no 361, 166. These works have not done yet and all money have been spent. 3. 3136010036/FB/958486255822812050 NALA KHUDAI. This work has not been started till date while it had to start from 23 march 17. 4. 313601003636/AV/8818 Construction of Aganwadi Kendra Guisar Kanpur dehat. This work is going on but a very low quality of materials r used that would be very dangerous for our children. 5. Any works and expenditures has not been wall painted to make village peoples aware about the work done in Panchayat. Social Audit has not been done yet for the work done in 2016-17. Plz try to get social audit and inform me and villagers before this. If you seems that this will be false then please visit our village and see itself and also from villagers. Plz look in to matter and do needful for villagers as well to stop fund corruption for government of India. Gram panchayat2Ist To :D.P.C. (01/10/2017)
IInd To : STATE (03/11/2017)
Kindly Check and take nessery action03/10/2017
3Citizen19/03/2013I am working as mgnrega Technical Assitant continuously in block Amrodha kanpur dehat But my salary is not paid from june 2012 till date.due to this problem my financial condition is very poor and i am not able to suvive in this condiotion .My family ,father and mother also dependent on me . Sir plz help me and Solve my problem as soon as possible .Here is no any officer hearing my problem .again plz solve this problem.DPC0  
4Citizen14/10/2009Work not provided under NREGA in Gram Panchayat Atwa, Block Amrodha, Distrct Kanpur-Dehat Block panchayat2Ist To :D.P.C. (16/02/2010)
IInd To : STATE (19/03/2010)
Panchayat : CHILAULI
5Media25/05/2011j.e.minor irrigation se puchhane par unhone kaha ke mastar roll block me pichhale 6 manth se jama hai Block panchayat2Ist To :D.P.C. (25/06/2011)
IInd To : STATE (26/07/2011)
Panchayat : SADHRAMAU
6Citizen04/03/2011NOT RECIEVED DEMAND Block panchayat2Ist To :D.P.C. (04/04/2011)
IInd To : STATE (06/05/2011)
7Media30/03/2011NREGS Acctt. Assistant has demand Rs. 10,000 per Financial Sanction. Block panchayat2Ist To :D.P.C. (06/05/2011)
IInd To : STATE (06/06/2011)
Panchayat : MANGALPUR