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Communication need may differ from State to State. But generally the basic communication needs are common. Main objective of IEC strategy of MGNREGA is to ensure that the workers know their right to demand wage employment and exercise their right by applying for wage employment as per their need. But demand for employment under MGNREGA is affected by many variables like
(i) Lack of knowledge on how to exercise their rights by applying for the job
(ii) Lack of knowledge about the number of days of employment to which they are entitled.
(iii) Lack of awareness about the time period within which wages are to be received.
(iv) Lack of awareness about the prescribed quantum of work which entitled full wage payment
(v) Lack of knowledge about the manner of wage calculations.
(vi) Lack of comprehensive knowledge about the Scheme
(vii) Wage differentials
(viii) Lack of infrastructure and capacity at GP/Block/District level
(ix) Delayed wage payments to the workers
(x) Delayed fund release to the GP etc
(xi) Availability of alternate employment opportunities in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors
(xii) Proximity to urban areas
(xiii) Visibility of the programme
(xiv) Lack of knowledge about the nature of works that can be taken up under MGNREGA.
Understanding the existence of any or combination of these variables, the States can take up the prioritization of key messages in their area, and develop creative messages accordingly. The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) will be developing creative messages and designing products for national level campaigns and activities, which will be available for adaptation into local languages. The BCC roll out plan with products and convergence with other Govt departments will be initiated by the Ministry.

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