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An Impact Assessment Study conducted by Prasar Bharati during 2009 reveals that for 61.6% of the population Interpersonal Communication (IPC) methods have served as the primary source of information about MGNREGA. Besides that, mid-media and mass media have played an important role as source of information. The IEC strategy of MGNREGA takes into consideration the effective sources of information which can address various target groups of the Scheme. Based on the existing assessments available, the effective media to reach out to the rural areas are as follows(in the order of effectiveness)
1) Interpersonal Communication (IPC) methods
2) Mid media methods
3) Mass media methods
Considering this, the IEC strategy of MGNREGA suggests that 50% of the IEC budget shall be focusing on IPC methods. While mid media tools can be realized using 30% of the budget, mass media activities can be limited to 20% of the budget.

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