Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Sunday, August 16, 2020

Administrative Expenditure Under MGNREGA during the Year 2018-2019

Sub Categroy Date Amount
(In Rupees)
Description Admin List
Board 18/05/2018 6400 Prachar prasar hetu bord jnpd graound me bnaya gya 3309002-AL-1769
Camp 18/05/2018 10990 CM visit stall hetu flex printing 3309002-AL-1769
Adertisement 06/06/2018 28000 ICE BOARD CONSTRUCTION 3309004-AL-2591
Board 30/06/2018 105000 Gram Panchayat Me Boar Nirman 3309003-AL-6577
Adertisement 11/07/2018 28000 STICKER PRINTING 3309004-AL-6366
Board 31/07/2018 35000 Pay To SUchna Patal Nirman in GP 3309003-AL-11313
Adertisement 31/08/2018 7350 Pay To Flex Printing 3309003-AL-11315
Board 05/09/2018 32000 IEC BORD 3309004-AL-10752
Board 30/09/2018 124800 Prachar Prasar Hetu Suchna Board Nirman 3309003-AL-17149
Board 30/09/2018 1000 Prachar prasar hetu suchna board nirman 3309003-AL-17149
Board 24/10/2018 12500 IEC BORD CONSTRUCTION 3309004-AL-18484
Adertisement 15/11/2018 6866 rojgar sahayak bharti advertisment oct.2018 3309002-AL-22414
Board 11/12/2018 41000 PAYMENT OF IEC BORD 3309004-AL-25035
  Total Amount 438906    
Report Completed
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