Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Friday, August 7, 2020

Administrative Expenditure Under MGNREGA during the Year 2018-2019

Maintenance of office equipment/Bill Payment
Sub Categroy Date Amount
(In Rupees)
Description Admin List
Payment of Bill 26/06/2018 14550 tracknet bill 3312000-AL-3978
Payment of Bill 29/08/2018 23000 payment of tracknet 3312000-AL-9823
Payment of Bill 11/10/2018 23000 payment tracknet 3312000-AL-16431
Payment of Bill 11/10/2018 17433 payemnt to refreshment 3312000-AL-16431
Payment of Bill 26/03/2019 40000 payment of stationary 3312000-AL-40050
Other Office Expenditure 31/01/2018 33000 To Ramesh kumar kashyap month janvary 3312005-AL-46307
Other Office Expenditure 28/02/2018 33000 To Ramesh kasyap bill 28 3312005-AL-46309
Other Office Expenditure 28/03/2018 52060 To Lucy Enterprises 3312005-AL-47206
Other Office Expenditure 30/03/2018 1600 to Accounting solution raipur 3312005-AL-47207
Other Office Expenditure 31/03/2018 33000 To Ramsh kumar Kashyap Month Mach 3312005-AL-46304
Stationary 05/04/2018 49500 To Agrsen Aafset Printers and supplyer jagadalpur 3312005-AL-11116
Stationary 05/04/2018 49500 To Agrsen Aafset printers and supplyers 3312005-AL-11117
Other Office Expenditure 20/04/2018 18000 To Exposer visit 3312005-AL-3331
Other Office Expenditure 27/04/2018 242 to aashirwad enterprises 3312005-AL-3003
Other Office Expenditure 27/04/2018 2800 To Sahu Dhabha 3312005-AL-3002
Other Payment 27/04/2018 41664 Flex (For GP, JP ) including GST 3312007-AL-1199
Stationary 02/05/2018 54280 SAI GRAPHICS NREGA AND CHHATISGADH SHASHN LOGO BIL 3312008-AL-1226
Stationary 07/05/2018 10416 A4 Paper box with GST 3312007-AL-1402
Payment of Bill 07/05/2018 59280 Bill Payment for Office maintenance 3312006-AL-1377
Other Office Expenditure 16/05/2018 14160 to prachi enterprises for flags 3312005-AL-1892
Payment of Bill 30/06/2018 15600 Payment for tracknet bill 3312007-AL-4532
Payment of Bill 07/07/2018 18078 Repair of Photo Copy machine 3312006-AL-5900
Stationary 20/08/2018 30635 To Lucy Enterprises Geedam 3312005-AL-33075
Other Payment 30/08/2018 1600 Digital Signature Payment CEO 3312008-AL-10083
PhotoCopy 14/09/2018 38668 Bill Payment for Photo copy, Flax and MB book 3312006-AL-11741
Stationary 04/10/2018 8640 to Mayura enterprises 3312005-AL-17064
Stationary 10/10/2018 19824 To Prachi Enterprises 3312005-AL-17063
PhotoCopy 15/10/2018 12554 photo copy payment 3312007-AL-17030
Payment of Bill 15/10/2018 51132 Payment of Flex, tracknet, Dongal, seal, cashbookr 3312007-AL-17030
Payment of Bill 24/10/2018 73384 BSNL LEAS LINE BILL 3312005-AL-19175
Payment of Bill 28/10/2018 2200 To track computer 3312005-AL-20866
Payment of Bill 28/11/2018 13200 To tracknet dantewada 3312005-AL-33053
Stationary 30/11/2018 60400 Office equipment and bil month November 3312006-AL-23392
Payment of Bill 03/02/2019 73384 Lease Line bill Innovise NDCCT0000014832 3312005-AL-33009
Stationary 01/03/2019 100000 payment for file cover,pen, paper box,cartridge,re 3312007-AL-35333
  Total Amount 1089784    
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