Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Friday, August 23, 2019

Administrative Expenditure Under MGNREGA during the Year 2018-2019

Field visits
Sub Categroy Date Amount
(In Rupees)
Description Admin List
Travel 11/05/2018 780 Chinnulall matti TA Bill 3317000-AL-1521
Travel 11/05/2018 1230 Mr. Jeevanlal Deshlahra TA Bill 3317000-AL-1521
Travel 11/05/2018 1470 Mr. jaiprakash dhruw TA bill 3317000-AL-1522
Travel 25/05/2018 1500 Jivan Lal Deshlahra TA bill 3317000-AL-1893
Travel 23/08/2018 1955 Vikram verma 3317000-AL-9369
Travel 17/09/2018 15220 TA Bill of JL Deshlahra Ombudsman Month August 3317000-AL-11953
Travel 26/11/2018 16190 JL Deshlahra Lokpal TA Bill 3317000-AL-22663
Fuel 01/05/2018 20000 Fuel 3312004-AL-1157
Travel 27/10/2018 12000 Field visit to Pharsegarh, Benglure, kutru, Koshal 3312003-AL-20161
  Total Amount 70345    
Report Completed
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