NREGA Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)Monday, July 22, 2024
Material Procured
Work :  ಮಾಳಪುರ ಕೆರೆಯ ನೈಋತ್ಯ ಭಾಗ-2 ರಲ್ಲಿ ಹೂಳೆತ್ತುವುದು
Work Code  : 1505007020/IC/93393042892270884
Bill No. : 12Bill Date  : 14/06/2022
Financial Year : 2022-2023Vendor nameRAMZAN ENTERPRISES(TinNo-29FTPPS2398G1ZP)
Material List No. : 1505007-ML-2263
MaterialUnit Price (In Rupees)Quantity  (In Rupees)
MR9586-Tractor with trolley26611731122
Total  (In Rupees)31122
Total   (In Rupees)0
Total Cash payment   (In Rupees)31122
Material Procured