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Material Procured
Work :  Raising of 14*20 660 p.bag seedlings in 2021-22 at Kadalkere nursery
Work Code  : 1511003/DP/93393042892300959
Bill No. : 11Bill Date  : 14/02/2022
Financial Year : 2021-2022Vendor nameVASISHTA ENTERPRISES(TinNo-29AIUPN9857A1ZI)
Material List No. : 1511007-ML-8622
MaterialUnit Price (In Rupees)QuantityAmount  (In Rupees)
Nursery maintenance of pumpse4001400
Cost of stakes8.476605590.2
Documentation, 3 stage Photogr5321532
Mixing the ingredients, filling the pbs and arranging in rows after scraping the earth8.756605775
Procurement of 21.20Cum of ingredients ie 5.30cum of farm yard manur, 5.30cum of sand and 10.60 cum of red earth in 1:1:2 Proportion18.6266012289.2
Pruning of taller seedlings gr1.36660897.6
Raising of Seedlings4.876603214.2
Transplanting of seedlings raised in smaller bags(ie4"x6" or 5"x8") into bigger bags along with ball of earth after tearing the polythene bag of smaller size0.33660217.8
Typing of plant tothe vertical stake and plumbing of buds as it grows once in a fortnight1.646601082.4
Watering to the Polythene bagged seedlings twice a day where internal pipelines are not laid out in the nursery From 1st April 2011 for 120 days19.2266012685.2
Total  (In Rupees)42683.6
Total   (In Rupees)0
Total Cash payment   (In Rupees)42683.6
Material Procured