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National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)Friday, June 21, 2024
Material Procured
Work :  Raising of River side Plantation in Hoddur Vatekadu
Work Code  : 1518001/DP/93393042892267475
Bill No. : 102Bill Date  : 23/12/2021
Financial Year : 2021-2022Vendor nameHARIJANA RAMANNA(TinNo-29BCRPR2977P1Z7)
Material List No. : 1518001-ML-2480
MaterialUnit Price (In Rupees)QuantityAmount  (In Rupees)
Application of fertilizer arou1591159
conveyance of tall seedlings r19255119255
Cutting and collection of Prosopis juliflora (PJ) branches loading the same n the lorry and unloading at the planting site (10 branches per tall plant)14325114325
Loading & unloading of Polythe369313693
Purchase of DAP240012400
Purchase of ingredients4801480
Transplanting of PBS11530111530
Transporation 14x20 PBs in hir408614086
Watering to each Plant3591359
Watering to the seedlings alon30249130249
Total  (In Rupees)87436
Total   (In Rupees)0
Total Cash payment   (In Rupees)87436
Material Procured