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State :ASSAM District :BAKSA Block :Goreswar Panchayat :Deosunga

Jobcard Deletion Detail Report for Financial Year :2019-2020

S No Reg No. Name of the head of the HH Caste Reason For Deletion Date Of Deletion
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 AS-24-006-015-001/1111 Kharga Br Gurung OTH Duplicate Job Card 25/05/2019
2 AS-24-006-015-001/1375 Mahadev Nath OTH Duplicate Job Card 18/09/2019
3 AS-24-006-015-001/1799 Narad Oli OTH Fake Job Card 02/06/2019
4 AS-24-006-015-001/2308 Dil Maya Rejal OTH Fake Job Card 25/05/2019
5 AS-24-006-015-001/2322 Gita Pradhan OTH Fake Job Card 06/03/2020
6 AS-24-006-015-001/2511 Sukuram Ghosh OTH Fake Job Card 24/02/2020
7 AS-24-006-015-001/2566 Khina Maya Thapa OBC Duplicate Job Card 20/03/2020
8 AS-24-006-015-001/2576 Dipankar Nath OTH Fake Job Card 12/02/2020
9 AS-24-006-015-001/2668 Tilak Das OTH Duplicate Job Card 12/12/2019
10 AS-24-006-015-001/3391 Nabin Nath OTH Fake Job Card 12/12/2019
11 AS-24-006-015-001/479 Bishnu Bahadur SC Fake Job Card 05/10/2019
12 AS-24-006-015-001/923 Sri Madhab Patowary SC Duplicate Job Card 20/11/2019
13 AS-24-006-015-002/11 Md Saidur Ali OTH Fake Job Card 05/09/2019
14 AS-24-006-015-002/1612 Julhas Ali OTH Fake Job Card 02/02/2020
15 AS-24-006-015-002/1646 Rasida Begum OTH Duplicate Job Card 05/06/2019
16 AS-24-006-015-002/1655 Jakir Ali OTH Duplicate Job Card 24/02/2020
17 AS-24-006-015-002/194 Md Kagim Ali OTH Fake Job Card 05/09/2019
18 AS-24-006-015-002/2320 Nur Neher Begum OTH Fake Job Card 12/06/2019
19 AS-24-006-015-002/2373 Mamota Begum OTH Fake Job Card 02/01/2020
20 AS-24-006-015-002/2725 Ram Gupta OTH Duplicate Job Card 17/05/2019
21 AS-24-006-015-002/2809 Kaji Atawar Rahman OTH Fake Job Card 21/02/2020
22 AS-24-006-015-002/2810 Sabtri Boro ST Fake Job Card 02/04/2019
23 AS-24-006-015-002/2814 Rani Boro ST Duplicate Job Card 02/04/2019
24 AS-24-006-015-002/2826 Kamsami Boro ST Fake Job Card 02/04/2019
25 AS-24-006-015-002/3344 Jonak Lama OTH Duplicate Job Card 24/06/2019
26 AS-24-006-015-002/335 Krishna Newar OTH Fake Job Card 11/10/2019
27 AS-24-006-015-002/3390 Deober Boro ST Fake Job Card 12/12/2019
28 AS-24-006-015-002/902 Safur Ali OTH Duplicate Job Card 10/11/2019

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