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State :ASSAM District :BAKSA Block :Goreswar Panchayat :Suagpur

Jobcard Deletion Detail Report for Financial Year :2019-2020

S No Reg No. Name of the head of the HH Caste Reason For Deletion Date Of Deletion
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 AS-24-006-018-001/2214 Sonela Daimary SC Duplicate Job Card 01/01/2020
2 AS-24-006-018-001/3350 Drupadi Rajgor OTH Duplicate Job Card 01/01/2020
3 AS-24-006-018-001/4026 Raja ram rajgorh OTH Fake Job Card 20/12/2019
4 AS-24-006-018-003/863 Akon Daimary ST Fake Job Card 30/06/2019
5 AS-24-006-018-005/957 Bisti Basumatary ST Incorrect Job Card 30/12/2019
6 AS-24-006-018-007/2833 Mantu Deka OTH Fake Job Card 16/06/2019
7 AS-24-006-018-009/1945 Smt Anima Kakati SC Incorrect Job Card 13/06/2019
8 AS-24-006-018-009/2770 Maina Boro OTH Fake Job Card 05/05/2019
9 AS-24-006-018-009/2802 Ranju Boro OTH Duplicate Job Card 20/04/2019
10 AS-24-006-018-009/3252 Anil Deka ST Fake Job Card 12/12/2019
11 AS-24-006-018-009/3311 Sunil Boro ST Duplicate Job Card 06/06/2019
12 AS-24-006-018-009/3315 Sukram Boro ST Fake Job Card 08/12/2019
13 AS-24-006-018-009/66 Bharat Kalita ST Incorrect Job Card 10/06/2019
14 AS-24-006-018-009/994 Tulumani Rajbangshi OTH Duplicate Job Card 06/05/2019
15 AS-24-006-018-010/2370 Anima Nath OTH Incorrect Job Card 12/12/2019
16 AS-24-006-018-010/3141 Himjoti Nath OTH Duplicate Job Card 12/12/2019
17 AS-24-006-018-010/3160 Prabhati Nath OTH Duplicate Job Card 12/12/2019
18 AS-24-006-018-010/3343 Sabita Nath OBC Duplicate Job Card 12/02/2020
19 AS-24-006-018-010/4544 Fullmati Nath OBC Fake Job Card 15/12/2019
20 AS-24-006-018-011/2813 Somba Boro ST Duplicate Job Card 06/06/2019
21 AS-24-006-018-011/3242 Durga Kanta Bhoumik OTH Fake Job Card 29/02/2020
22 AS-24-006-018-011/4153 Shansari Boro ST Duplicate Job Card 20/03/2020
23 AS-24-006-018-011/7044 Dipali Boro ST Fake Job Card 06/02/2020
24 AS-24-006-018-011/835 Dhaneswar Boro ST Incorrect Job Card 02/03/2020
25 AS-24-006-018-011/899 Kamala Maya SC Fake Job Card 20/12/2019
26 AS-24-006-018-011/968 Thaum Bahadur SC Duplicate Job Card 11/06/2019

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