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State :GUJARAT District :Chhotaudepur Block :KAWANT Panchayat :Pipalda

Jobcard Deletion Detail Report for Financial Year :2019-2020

S No Reg No. Name of the head of the HH Caste Reason For Deletion Date Of Deletion
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 GJ-15-013-031-001/25339 RATHWA MALAKUBEN BLELABHAI ST Not willing to work 28/08/2019
2 GJ-15-013-031-001/284207 RATHWA BHIMASINGBHAI MALUBHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 28/04/2019
3 GJ-15-013-031-001/284224 RATHWA PRAVINBHAI MANAGABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 21/12/2019
4 GJ-15-013-031-001/284271 Rathwa bachudiben rajanbhai ST Duplicate Job Card 14/08/2019
5 GJ-15-013-031-001/284299 rathwa karamdiben nashanbhai ST Duplicate Job Card 20/05/2019
6 GJ-15-013-031-001/52208 RATHWA CHAMPABEN KHALPABHAI OTH Duplicate Job Card 28/04/2019
7 GJ-15-013-031-001/52212 RATHWA SANJAYBHAI CHATURBHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 10/05/2019
8 GJ-15-013-031-001/52215 RATHWA MUNIBEN MUKESHBHAI ST Incorrect Job Card 24/07/2019
9 GJ-15-013-031-001/52280 RATHWA SARMIBEN MAHESHBHAI ST Incorrect Job Card 11/03/2020
10 GJ-15-013-031-001/52396 RATHWA JAMLIBEN RAJANBHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 14/08/2019
11 GJ-15-013-031-001/52428 RATHWA LILKIBEN NARABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 25/07/2019
12 GJ-15-013-031-001/52435 RATHWA HURITIBEN MANIYABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 25/07/2019
13 GJ-15-013-031-001/52461 RATHWA BACHUDIBEN SALUBHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 25/07/2019
14 GJ-15-013-031-001/52462 RATHWA VESTABHAI NEVLABHAI ST Incorrect Job Card 05/04/2019
15 GJ-15-013-031-001/52466 RATHWA ARVINDBHAI MICHARABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 16/06/2019
16 GJ-15-013-031-001/52486 RATHWA RAMTIBEN BHANGURIYABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 14/08/2019
17 GJ-15-013-031-001/52498 RATHWA BHAGLABHAI SAKARIYABHAI ST Incorrect Job Card 29/11/2019
18 GJ-15-013-031-001/52499 RATHWA HEMABEN BHAGLABHAI ST Incorrect Job Card 29/11/2019
19 GJ-15-013-031-001/64191 RATHWA DHANABHAI AMARIYABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 28/08/2019
20 GJ-15-013-031-002/29535 RATHWA KHUMANSINGBHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 11/12/2019
21 GJ-15-013-031-003/160164 JAVARIYA OTH Duplicate Job Card 28/08/2019
22 GJ-15-013-031-003/160184 RATHWA GINDUBHAI DAMADABHAI ST Duplicate Job Card 15/04/2019

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