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Jobcard Deletion Detail Report for Financial Year :2019-2020

S No Reg No. Name of the head of the HH Caste Reason For Deletion Date Of Deletion
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 MH-21-008-009-001/130 गुणवंत यशवंत लवांडे OTH Duplicate Job Card 16/03/2020
2 MH-21-008-009-001/225 चंद्रकांत विष्णुदास गायकवाड़ OTH Duplicate Job Card 23/04/2019
3 MH-21-008-009-001/241 बालाजी मारोती कुंभार OTH Duplicate Job Card 23/04/2019
4 MH-21-008-009-001/36 सुरेश हारीश्‍चंद्र बनसोडे SC Duplicate Job Card 23/04/2019

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