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State :RAJASTHAN District :BARMER Block :Gida Panchayat :खारडा भारतसिंह

Jobcard Deletion Detail Report for Financial Year :2019-2020

S No Reg No. Name of the head of the HH Caste Reason For Deletion Date Of Deletion
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 RJ-271700310802117200/5450219 केशा राम OBC Non-existent in Panchayat 01/09/2019
2 RJ-271700310802117300/1111 मुलाराम OBC Incorrect Job Card 25/06/2019
3 RJ-271700310802117300/1129 मनोज कुमार OTH Incorrect Job Card 15/11/2019
4 RJ-271700310802117300/1153 बाबू लाल OBC Incorrect Job Card 01/09/2019
5 RJ-271700310802117300/5450412 ईशराराम OBC Non-existent in Panchayat 15/05/2019
6 RJ-271700310802117300/5450538-A मुलाराम OBC Village becomes urban 25/06/2019
7 RJ-271700310802117400/5450520-B राजू राम ST Incorrect Job Card 19/11/2019
8 RJ-271700310802117400/5450524-A राजुराम ST Non-existent in Panchayat 19/11/2019
9 RJ-271700310802117400/5450538-A मुलाराम OTH Incorrect Job Card 30/05/2019
10 RJ-271700310802117400/5450538-B मुलाराम OTH Incorrect Job Card 30/05/2019
11 RJ-271700310802117400/5450640 सगत दान OBC Non-existent in Panchayat 01/09/2019
12 RJ-271700310802117400/5886198 ले‍हरो देवी ST Non-existent in Panchayat 01/09/2019
13 RJ-271700310802117500/1395-A भेरारम OTH Incorrect Job Card 22/03/2020
14 RJ-271700310802117600/1026 सायर कंवर OTH Non-existent in Panchayat 18/03/2020
15 RJ-271700310802117600/1153 बाबू लाल OTH Not willing to work 30/03/2020
16 RJ-271700310802117600/54501586 म‍िरगो देवी SC Non-existent in Panchayat 19/11/2019
17 RJ-271700310802117600/5450765 जवारा राम SC Non-existent in Panchayat 19/11/2019
18 RJ-271700310802117600/5450810 विजयसिह OTH Non-existent in Panchayat 19/11/2019
19 RJ-271700310802117600/5450932 धन्नाराम OBC Non-existent in Panchayat 01/09/2019
20 RJ-271700310802117700/417 धापु OTH Non-existent in Panchayat 15/06/2019

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