Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Monday, June 17, 2024

Expenditure On Skilled/Semi-skilled Under NREGA during the Financial Year 2018-2019

Block : DAKORE
Muster Roll No. Amount On Semi-skilled and Skilled Wage (in Rs.)
Panchayat : KUIYA
Work Name: TAJIM KE MAKAN SE SURAJ KE MAKAN TAK CC AND SIDE WALL NIRMAN(3138007027/RC/958486255822928502)
482 8400
Work Name: Intelocking primary pathshala me(3138007027/RC/958486255822992026)
11619 5600
Work Name: CONSTRUCTION POULTRY SHED AJNARIWALI(3138007027/IF/958486255822927132)
11622 5600
Work Name: Maukhari main pathshala parisar me interlocking karya(3138007027/RC/958486255822991950)
11700 9600
Work Name: Pipyani Talab Khudai Kary(3138007027/WC/958486255822879446)
12891 8400
Sub Total Rs. 37600
Expenditure for Financial Year 2017-2018 but paid during the current year
Work Name: CC Road Nirman Naheem ke makan se Saphi ke Makan tak(3138007027/RC/958486255822924389)
11528 7600
Work Name: CC Road Nirman Saphi ke makan se Tazim ke Makan tak(3138007027/RC/958486255822924403)
11529 7200
Work Name: CC Road Nirman Air Road Se Kuwa tak(3138007027/RC/958486255822924387)
11532 8400
Work Name: Puliya Nirman Uma Sankar ke khet ke pass(3138007027/RC/958486255822924396)
11535 7600
Sub Total Rs. 30800
Grand Total Rs. 68400
Expenditure In Lakhs : 0.684
Report Completed