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Ministry of Rural Development
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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Monday, June 17, 2024

Administrative Expenditure Under MGNREGA during the Year 2017-2018

State : JHARKHAND District : GODDA
Field visits
Sub Categroy Date Amount
(In Rupees)
Description Admin List
Fuel 05/05/2017 56631 payment for fuel of vehicle and generator 3415042-AL-240
Fuel 11/07/2017 57682 PAYMENT OF FUEL FOR VEHICLE AND GENERATOR 3415042-AL-2060
Fuel 02/08/2017 25713 payment for fuel of generator and vehicle 3415042-AL-2558
Fuel 09/08/2017 48543 fuel 3415043-AL-2801
Fuel 12/08/2017 90000 FUEl 3415037-AL-2806
Fuel 08/09/2017 36282 fuel 3415043-AL-3546
Fuel 18/10/2017 200000 FUEl 3415037-AL-4533
  Total Amount 514851    
Report Completed
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