Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Monday, June 17, 2024

Administrative Expenditure Under MGNREGA during the Year 2017-2018

State : JHARKHAND District : GODDA
Maintenance of office equipment/Bill Payment
Sub Categroy Date Amount
(In Rupees)
Description Admin List
Other Payment 25/03/2017 4549 PAYMENT FOR WINDOWSLIDIY AND ELECTRIC WIRING 3415042-AL-10539
Payment of Bill 03/05/2017 10200 payment for ac maintenence 3415042-AL-240
Other Payment 05/05/2017 12000 payment for photocopy toner 3415042-AL-240
Other Payment 08/05/2017 2520 PAYMENT FOR MCB SWITCH 3415042-AL-321
Other Payment 10/05/2017 1550 QWICK HEAL ANTIVIRUS AND COMP. REPAYRING 3415042-AL-321
Other Office Expenditure 19/05/2017 1700 PAYMENT FOR A4 SIZE PAPER 3415042-AL-1302
Other Office Expenditure 23/05/2017 15000 PAYMENT FOR MB PRINTING 3415042-AL-524
Other Office Expenditure 24/06/2017 27600 payment for toner cartridge 2612A & 388A 3415042-AL-1378
Payment of Bill 24/06/2017 2550 payment for ac maintenence 3415042-AL-1302
Other Office Expenditure 27/06/2017 8500 PAYMENT FOR 5 KARTOON A4 SIZE PAPER 3415042-AL-1302
Other Office Expenditure 03/08/2017 15800 PURCHASING OF DVR 8CH DHAUA FOR CCTV CAMERA MAINTE 3415042-AL-2482
Other Payment 06/10/2017 41416 Purcheching Goods 3415043-AL-4522
Stationary 17/10/2017 100000 stationary 3415039-AL-4482
Stationary 17/10/2017 110000 stationary 3415039-AL-4483
Payment of Bill 18/10/2017 250000 PAYMENT OF OFFICE MAINTENACE 3415037-AL-4534
Stationary 18/10/2017 250000 STATIONARY 3415037-AL-4534
Other Office Expenditure 03/03/2018 150000 xerox paper rag pin cartage 3415045-AL-7786
Payment of Bill 14/03/2018 19575 Payment for internet connectivity & maintenence fr 3415042-AL-8214
Other Office Expenditure 25/03/2018 249250 misc 3415041-AL-8514
  Total Amount 1272210    
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